10X better call, text and data signals than a cell phone alone for better cell service in any home, office, car, truck or RV.

In offices and commercial buildings a cell phone signal booster can provide everybody inside the building with reliable cell signals for all US carriers and devices. Signal boosters require no recurring fees, can be easily installed, and are used across the US to boost weak voice, text and 4G LTE data signals for reliable cell service in small and large offices and commercial buildings.

How Do Cell Phone Boosters for Offices and Commercial Buildings Work?

Offices and commercial buildings with no cell signal inside and weak but usable signals outside or nearby the building can improve the cell signal inside by installing appropriate signal boosting solutions to cover all major cellular carriers. Cell phone signal boosters use an outside antenna to capture the signal that exists outside of the building, a signal booster that strengthens the signal’s strength, and inside antenna(s) to distribute the improved cell signal throughout the inside of the building. Cell phone boosters are used to stop dropped calls and fix weak signals in offices and commercial buildings up to 500,000 square feet. Any space with a weak cell signal can benefit from one of our powerful cell phone signal boosting systems to improve cell signals for all carriers, all cell phones and devices, and with absolutely no recurring fees after purchase.

What Causes Dropped Calls and Bad Cell Reception?

Dropped calls, slow cell phone data, and weak cell signal are the product of many different factors working both together and alone. Distance from a cell tower, cell tower user capacity, and the number of objects between you and the tower all cause dropped calls and weak cell signals. Some of the common signal blocking objects include mountains, rocks, trees, snow or dirt-pile, rain, dust in the air, buildings, dense walls, and anything made of metal, like copper, aluminum, iron and more. Basically, the more items or distance between a cell phone and a cell tower, the weaker the signal will be. This needs to be taken into mind both for the signal the device receives from the cell tower and the signal the device sends back to the cell tower. Our signal boosting solutions will boost that signal for both directions to overcome those cell phone signal blocking obstacles.

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