Design / Consulting Services

The Low Voltage Systems Design Process

(Data/Voice/Telecom/Security/CCTV/Access Control/Audio-Video/Automation)

It is a great time for design and agile development! Never in its history has it been so valued as an economic force or so influential as a culture. Traditional businesses of all types—from management consultants to retailers. architects and construction developers—are adopting design thinking and hiring subject matter expert competencies. Meanwhile, this has also been a climate of change in the industry as the same forces that have propelled design into the foreground have reformed the consulting design landscape.

Design is Hard

Innovation in the connected world will be increasingly characterized by hybrid experiences that defy traditional organizational, technological and delivery boundaries. Integrated hardware, software and service design is incredibly complex—and it’s only the beginning. Now drugstores are healthcare advocates, healthcare providers are more like service providers, automotive companies are UX companies, and so on. It is easy to underestimate the complexity of introducing design into existing organizations, and maintaining its value once assimilated – or to bring low voltage design consultants in to the typical construction design development process. Internal groups do have certain strengths: deep insider knowledge of both company and category, a long-term view, and of course “skin in the game.” Adding a low voltage systems subject matter expert adds value and increases the value of the project, as well the outcome.

Decades of experience, greater return on your investment

The Omidi Team’s well-proven methodology is based on having completed many successful projects for leading companies. Consider the broad range of disciplines that have emerged and matured over the last decade—from design research and ethnography to service design, experience strategy and data visualization to name just a few. Our group offers such specific design consulting services. As leading experts of low voltage systems, we are uniquely positioned to provide “best practices” and “feature” considerations for implementing the latest capabilities in your projects.

On-site services are provided to allow our technical experts to conduct a deep dive technology strategy analysis if needed. Remote services allow your project to be developed without the burden of constant on-site support.

We would be happy to speak with you and your team via email, phone or in-person. You may visit our contact page to reach us. We look forward to helping you on your next project.